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There are probably more than these eight reasons, but having dated some Korean women during my stay here (and asking Korean women the same question), I’d like to think I have an idea. We don’t care about S-lines, V-lines, X-lines, or any of that BS. While we don’t want to buy every round (we do like it when our women buys , like TI from “Whatever You Like” fame, but we’re definitely better than the Weird Al remake or the Obama remake (seriously funny). Westerners are more likely to treat you as an equal. If you’ve been looking for a way out, Western guys do offer a way. Also, if we get a flat tire while you’re driving, we can change the darn tire ourselves without worrying about getting our pretty shirt dirty or calling some errand man. We can talk about interesting things – much more interesting than work, clothes, drinking, and that crazy boss of ours.

That we don’t typically read the silly places where people make a big deal out of those makes it easier to ignore them. It’s not a universal concept among all Westerners yet, but it’s a concept that Westerners have had decades more practice at. Quite a few of us sing, dance, play an instrument, write, cook, act, and many other things.

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They come to Korea and start acting like Casanova.” UK-born Eva said, “foreign men who were not popular in their home countries are treated like kings… I’ve yet to hear a Western guy actually say to a Korean girl, ‘if only you were a little skinnier’… So what if our closet isn’t overflowing with tight dress shirts and polka-dot bow ties?

It’s so strange that western men who of course have very plan features are always being followed by pretty girls.” While my thoughts in both these regards are like everyone else (try publishing facts instead of stupid racist/xenophobic crap), it got me to thinking about why Korean girls might go for Western guys. We’re English teachers, and we have no problem helping you with your homework (as long as we don’t spend all our time on your homework! Most Korean women don’t get that ‘you look great the way you are’ message very often. We make money, and we’re not afraid to spend it when we go out. Jeans and nice-looking shirts are all the Western guys need for going out after work is done.

Head out on any weekend night and you’ll see girls carrying bouquets left, right and centre.

So it makes sense that couples aren’t afraid to show their cute side by buying each other candy, holding hands in public or eating dessert together in a pink-themed cafe. The popular Korean dessert bingsu almost always comes in an enormous, towering bowl, and sharing a bowl of bingsu is a popular date activity.

It’s normal for couples to share a milkshake or frappuchino in cafes as well.

On White Day, men return the favour, gifting white-coloured candy, jewellery or other presents to their lady love. If you’re from a more openly affectionate country, save your lovey-dovey displays for somewhere more private.

Korean couples might match their outfits, but they’re much more reserved about public displays of affection. If you’re dating a Korean, expect to stay connected all the time.

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