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"She is extremely steady and confident in her world view, political philosophy, phenomenal and varied skill sets, and therefore can stand her ground easily and gracefully." From the beginning, however, the political media almost eagerly underplayed her importance, depicting her mainly as "the Trump whisperer" who helped curb the candidate's Twitter antics and could occasionally get him to mind the teleprompter.

Even after she'd helped pull off one of the greatest upsets in American political history, journalists and pundits shrink-wrapped her significance.

Underneath she has on a body-con black gown with slit sleeves and gilded, bejeweled crossbars up the arms (Who's it by?

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Part of that, Matalin says, flows from Conway's "decades of insightful polling." And then there's her unflappability. It's a borderline-blizzardy Saturday night in the posh New York suburb of Alpine, New Jersey, but when Conway arrives at a chandelier-lit mansion a quarter mile from her own Alpine spread, she appears as hermetically protected from the effects of ice and snow as she always appears unfazed by the rage and derision that come at her nonstop in her capacity as Donald Trump's most recognizable emissary to the world.Conway glides in and slides out of animal-print snow boots and a glamorous, casually belted fur coat.Conway's close friend, Marlena Mc Mahon, has arrived bearing piles of custom baseball caps and tee shirts: Republican red and with a .From the moment she took over the Trump campaign in August, Conway not only sent an essential message—Just because you're a woman, you don't have to vote for one—she embodied it. A peek at a guest list left on the bar reveals some familiar conservative names: Reagan wordsmith–turned– columnist Peggy Noonan, taxation nemesis Grover Norquist, Citizens United president David Bossie, mega-conservative mega-donor Rebekah Mercer.

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