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Elite Private Search, a specialized division of It's Just Lunch, is a boutique-style matchmaking service representing successful men and women looking for their ideal match.Founded in 2009, Elite Private Search has been matching high quality, relationship-minded couples for almost a decade.Make a reservation at a quaint bed and breakfast, or rent a cabin for the weekend.Sometimes life gets so overwhelming; taking a minute to step back and get away with someone you care about could be just what you need. Find a nice park to set up camp, and enjoy some finger food while watching the sun set.This is both fun and romantic, and will help change it up from your typical date night.

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Get Outdoorsy Going canoeing or hiking with your significant other is a great idea if you want to try something new.

They are motivated to find a partner and interested in the highest level of personal attention.

Fall is a great time to start going on fun and festive dates.

This enables you and your partner to have more freedom in the kitchen and practice working together as a team.

Once your delicious treat is ready, the two of you can curl up on the couch and watch a fun holiday movie together and enjoy what you just made.

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