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When John Ramsey had decided to throw his wife a surprise 40th-birthday party a month earlier, on November 30, he turned to Priscilla to organize the event at the swank Brown Palace in Denver. By the Whites were there, joined by other friends, John and Barbara Fernie, and later by the Ramseys’ minister, Father Rol Hoverstock.

He screamed, and Fleet ran to him.” White had previously peered into that windowless storage room but had not seen the body.

But it was the image of Patsy weeping and watching him that haunted French, especially after he learned that she had been sitting directly over the spotless than 15 feet below—where her child’s body lay.

The Ramseys, with Jon Benet and their son, Burke, had had Christmas dinner at the home of their best friends, Priscilla and Fleet White Jr., a mile or so away.

Arndt wrote in her report that “between and noon, John Ramsey left the house to pick up the family mail,” which she later saw him open and read. M., when no call had come, Arndt asked Ramsey and Fleet White to follow her to the kitchen.

An investigator describes the scene: “She said, ‘I want you to search this house.

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