Joe scarborough dating

The band began playing at sharp—the exact call time for the evening’s gig—a punctiliousness perhaps less rock ’n’ roll cool than cable-news precise.

Its front man, after all, was Joe Scarborough, the 53-year-old host of MSNBC’s , and the band, naturally, goes by the name Morning Joe Music.

“Now this is a special night,” he told the audience. Brzezinski, in running gear and her TV makeup from earlier that morning, had tagged along, dropping him off before she headed out for a run.

Scarborough talks music as easily as he does politics.

At that point Morning Joe Music began rehearsing “Let’s Fall in Love,” a crooning waltz about a man who is convincing a woman to do just that.

Decades of songwriting have yielded a collection of about 400 songs, most of which no one has ever heard, because he had been paralyzed by a fear of judgment from ever performing them. “I know this doesn’t sound very rock star,” he recalled, “but I turned 50 and I said, I’m going to die and my kids are never going to see this side of me.”I asked him how someone who ran for office, who served in Congress, and who hosts a daily cable news show could possibly still claim to be scared of judgment.

Without a beat, he responded that music is the only thing he has ever really cared about professionally.

But as he began to discuss his history in the field, it was obvious how much more of a music geek he is (one who was so freaked out when he met his idol, Paul Mc Cartney, that he says he couldn’t think of a single thing to say when they came face-to-face backstage at his show).

He began playing piano at age five, started writing songs a few years later, and still noodles around with the 10-or-so guitars he has scattered around his Upper West Side apartment.

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