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Meanwhile, Kate Winslet shocked guests at a private dinner in honor of Michelle earlier this week by revealing she’s been having an imaginary “love affair” with the actress for years.Before introducing the film, Kate revealed she harbours a secret – she was so in awe of Michelle’s acting talents that she created a make-believe friendship between the pair in her head.Meanwhile, Jake will soon be turning 30 and it appears he has mixed emotions about the milestone. ) Monday night (October 18) for Elle magazine’s 17th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute at The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.Dressed in a sexy orange frock, Gwyneth Paltrow lead the galaxy of stars as they honored Hollywood’s best and brightest talent during a celebratory dinner honoring women’s achievements in film.

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Based on Jamie Reidy‘s memoir , the upcoming tells the tale of an alluring free spirit (Anne) who won’t let anyone – or anything – tie her down.The second part about doing nudity is talking about it — that’s a little scary, and all the attention it gets.” “Well, my character in this movie has a lot of sex, so I had to practice a lot,” Gyllenhaal joked. there are sacrifices that I have to make and that happened to be one of them.” reunion in Los Angeles last night (December 2).Joined by Michelle’s co-star Ryan Gosling, the duo joined forces at a screening of her newest flick Blue Valentine at the Creative Artists Agency building.“I actually think that 65 to 75 percent of all my nude scenes have been with you,” she said.“And you are very attractive so I guess I can safely say yes.” That said, Anne is still was not completely comfortable undressing on camera.

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