Is cm punk dating serena

The couple announced the news of their engagement on their social media accounts.

The lovers also posted a picture of them grinning from ear-to-ear and Serena showing off a spectacular rock in her diamond engagement ring.

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After her initation, Serena became an official member of the Straight Edge Society, and mainly portrayed a villainous valet for fellow members Punk and Luke Gallows during their matches.

It was recently valued at £407million and is considered to be the seventh biggest site in the US.

Still a member of the site’s board of directors, Alexis was keen not to rest on his laurels.

"They have instructed Preston to fill the hall with thousands of dollars worth of crystals and flowers.

The hall will be totally transformed." After Serena's outburst at the US Open in which she called the umpire a "thief" and a "liar", the Herald-Sun newspaper ran featured a cartoon of her.

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