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Please do not ask or criticize me for needing to take antidepressants and anti-psychotics.

If you were standing where I’m standing, you might have made the same choice I did.

Please do not get upset with me when your methods, your “cures” do not work.

Your words couldn’t bring back a lost limb, and they are not going to “fix” my “broken” mind.

He fails to develop confidence in and healthy use of his emotional brain-- one of nature's most basic survival tools. I grew up with a single mom who read and shared self-help books.

As a person who has major depressive disorder, I’ve noticed almost everyone around me seems to believe they’re very insightful when the topic of my depression arises. “Won’t you just try to help yourself, Samantha.” If this woman knew anything about depression, then she would know I am trying to help myself; I’m trying so hard that even on days when I want to curl up and die, I instead take out a book to try to distract my mind.

Millions of motorists could be unknowingly taking to the roads without valid insurance due to a simple mistake.

Insurers require owners to tell them of any modifications to their cars but research has suggested only a tiny proportion of people are doing so, either deliberately to keep costs down or because they don’t realise they have to.

For the most part, I’m sure these comments come from a place of love, but honestly, they can also be massively invalidating and only further increases my self-directed guilt and anger for not getting better. Please do not judge me by a handful of books that are in my personal space. When my doctor asks me if I’m having sex, or have a boyfriend, and if not why not.

This is especially dangerous considering one of my co-morbid diagnoses – borderline personality disorder, which feeds on invalidation and is in many ways caused by it. The truth is, I never really like a “good night out.” I’m an introvert. When the mental health nurse comes to visit and takes it upon herself to pull out all of the so-called “depressing books’”and hands them over to me in silence. Yeah, this one bothered me firstly because it’s none of his business, and secondly because he should not automatically assume that I am straight or interested in being involved with someone. When my father ignores me, flat out refuses to acknowledge I exist because he “doesn’t know what to say” to me.

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