Intimidating witness charges

In order for the prosecutor to convict you of this offense, he/she must prove the following facts (otherwise known as "elements" of the crime): dissuaded or intimidated a witness or victim.

Force / threats of force Here, it is important to note that if you use or threaten to use force against the alleged one actually suffers an still holds you accountable for this offense.

Many times California domestic violence law cases involve partners who abuse each other.

So while one partner may in fact physically abuse the other, the abused partner may file false charges against the abuser in order to gain an "upper hand";.

These include Penal Code 422 PC California's "criminal threats" law, Penal Code 236 PC false imprisonment, and Penal Code 207 PC California's kidnapping law.

Penal Code 653f solicitation of a crime law may be charged instead of dissuading a witness.

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