Intimidating classical music

"Often in the past when you saw women playing guitars it would be very strummy, genteel, three chords," she says, "but I actually play."Not that the public always credit her with this talent.

"The record company did a survey on one of my songs, Cradled In Your Love," she says.

Spero talks of his show in terms of the guitars that changed the sound of rock, or at least in terms of players with an identifiable style. "It's a sign of leadership – the electric guitar is traditionally the lead instrument in the band.

And I'll grant him many of the men on the list riff like nobody else. It's about image and charisma and women have done very well with the electric guitar in their own way.

Think of Joan Jett and Courtney Love, Sheryl Crow and Chrissie Hynde – the ultimate rock chick."But O'Brien says we're still uncomfortable with the idea of women amping it up.

Electric guitars aren't demure, don't defer, require technical expertise and block the male gaze.

This highly popular course aims to demystify the traditions and practices that are central to this most ancient of classical musical tradition.

Study at the Royal College of Music The Royal College of Music is one of the world's greatest conservatoires.

"They played it to focus groups and asked, 'Who do you think is playing the guitar?

' The groups named every famous guitar player – Clapton, Knopfler and all – and nobody thought it was me.

These classes are done to live Indian classical music so are extra special.

Come along to gently stretch, bend, twist and still your mind in these fun, easy going classes which are open to all levels. We think that it's important for you to get a chance to understand more about Indian classical arts through hearing artists talk about their work.

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