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In this way he is a true artist and a real pioneer of photography. After viewing your photos, I am crazy about learing photo taking and national parks travel now!! I am willing to take time, one year or even 10 years or even 20 years to achieve what you do right now. And also, how do you arrange your traveling especially to the national parks? They display God's power, and show how meager we are in comparison. Altanta, GA USA - Tue, Jul 19, 05 at Please go to Capri in Italy and take photographs.At every opportunity I get I show off his website, after all I'm also showing off the place I am fortunate enough to live too! Arcata, CA 95521 - Sat, Aug 06, 05 at WOW WOW WOW!! Could you please share with me how you learn your photo taking? I plan my travels too, but I am sure you have very smart tips and experience planning. I don't like to occupy your time, but I am seriously crazy about doing what you do now. I thank God to have you teaching us how beautiful the world, the nature, the people can be!! Because of this, your work is both humbling and awe-inspiring. Medford, Oregon US - Tue, Jul 19, 05 at I've enjoyed all the photographies this website have provided and it also inspired me for visiting some of these destinations in the future. I hear it is one of the most beautiful places in the world!!! Winter Haven, Fl 33881 - Sat, Jul 16, 05 at Your work is by far the most stunning I have seen in years.There has been something about the Trump administration that has tugged at a childhood memory for the past fourteen months or so.

It helps me to relax and just unwind from the rest of my day. I was knocked out by the clarity and definition in your work.

David Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA - Tue, Aug 23, 05 at The pictures you took absolutely beautiful! I wish I had a way of doing exactly the same thing. I've been there myself so it is nice to be reminded of it with such wonderful photographs. Castro Valley, Ca America - Wed, Aug 10, 05 at In a few weeks we are visiting the South West of the US. Christiaan Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands - Mon, Aug 08, 05 at I found this site while looking for some pictures of the nearby scenery of Redwoods and Fern County here in Humboldt. The images are beautiful and I can tell he is a generous man by the way he puts them on his website. Lahore, Punjab Pakistan - Tue, Jul 26, 05 at I want to thank you for making these galleries available to everyone.

Denise Chino Hills, Ca USA - Tue, Aug 23, 05 at I was wondering, what do you guys mean by "edition" in the ordering prints section? E-mail me if you would like to see some of the photos i took there as well as some other places in Europe. Tallahassee, FL USA - Sun, Aug 14, 05 at I have been really inspired by your photographs and it makes it so real to be on that journey with you. As a beginning photographer I found your website a great source of inspiration! Clearly he is someone who appreciates the beauty of Earth and life and sees that sharing such beauty is more important beyond anything else. Richmond, BC Canda - Fri, Aug 05, 05 at Breath-taking photos! I've forwarded your site to some friends whom I know will fall in love with this site, as I have! Lori Honolulu, HI USA - Mon, Aug 01, 05 at Dear Loung, Thank you for such great art work sharing with us. But, I don't know much about professional photographing. please, give me some instruction of how I can reach closely of where you are. Your photographs show how amazing and breathtaking creation is.

Later, I used a Sinar Technical with a full lens range, a bit unweildy for the great outdoors!

Nick Fagan Sandwich, Kent United Kingdom - Sat, Sep 03, 05 at Surely this artist has to rank on the top of the ladder. His work on NP in USA has seen him reach greater heights(how can this be when he is already as high as one can go.

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