Internet dating danger dating agencies in cork

If you are “past the bloom of youth”​—the time when sexual desires are at their peak—​and are interested in marriage, you are facing one of the most important choices you will make in your life.

(1 Corinthians ) By all means, make a responsible decision.

According to one study, “one-in-five kids who uses the Internet has been solicited for sex.” One newspaper also stated that 1 child in 33 between ages 10 and 17 were “aggressively stalked” through computer conversations.

Some young people have found, to their surprise, that the “youth” with whom they shared a budding romance over the Internet was actually an adult prison inmate.

Find out if you are truly compatible, especially when it comes to your spiritual goals and values.

Such a courtship can lead to a truly happy marriage.

Such predators might remind you of Jesus’ illustration about false prophets who “come to you in sheep’s covering” but in truth are like “ravenous wolves.” (Matthew ) Anonymous communication through the Internet can make it almost impossible to see through such deception. Sadly, yes​—some claim to be true Christians when they are not. Again, one factor is that the Internet makes it easy. Much of the pain and misery in this world stems from lying.And what dangers does this present to those who are looking for romance?Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing A father named Michael was alarmed to learn at a seminar that a large proportion of children disobey parental rules against visiting dangerous Web sites.Communication by E-mail can be a very helpful way to stay in touch with friends and loved ones.Surely you would agree, though, that nothing is quite the same as face-to-face contact.

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