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His name is Brian Dickson and above that profile it says convicted of first degree murder.That’s right, he’s a convicted murderer looking for love on a website called Canadian Inmates Connect.Only they can help the poor child that was lost many years ago.Only they can transform them into a human being.” Even people who help former inmates re-integrate into society feel that this is not good for the public or the inmate. Leonards: “I do think that there’s great benefit for people in the community connecting with people that are in prison for the purpose of friendship — the purpose of support, for the purpose of letting them know there’s somebody that cares about them. Students here are outraged that someone like Brian Dickson could be on this web site.Dickson was convicted of murdering a York University student from China in 2011.He was sentenced to life in prison and will be eligible for parole in 2036.* Female Prison has not "Officially" investigated the entire set of circumstances surrounding the offense of any Inmate listed on this website.

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I don’t know who needs to hear this but you give credibility to people who don’t deserve it by legitimatizing their opinions with your outrage. We’re committed to provide programs and assistance to those who are navigating the justice system.

Even if you come across a pen pal profile that states that the inmate is seeking a romantic interest ..inmate, more than likely will still be open to a plutonic relationship.

Many of the women on this website are in search of positive friends, Period.

* It is the User's (your) responsibility to verify information about an inmate/prison pen pal through additional sources such as the facility where the inmate/pen pal is being detained.

Millions of people use online dating websites every year to try to find love.

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