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Incels It was a Canadian woman who coined the term “involuntary celibates” and launched a website more than 20 years ago that she hoped would provide a supportive outlet for lonely hearts.In the years since, she has watched with horror as the phrase – shortened to “incel” – has been co-opted by online trolls and violent misogynists, including allegedly Alek Minassian, the driver accused of killing 10 people in Toronto on Monday.One user, a year before the Toronto van attack, wrote that law enforcement may have already been monitoring their message board: “I don’t think it’s too unlikely, this place is dangerous in that it combines both mental illness and harmful ideology.” For Alana, the online incel world has become “twisted” from the rudimentary text-only website she built around 1996 or 1997.

4chan is a message board dating back to 2003 that allows users to post texts and images anonymously on a variety of issue-specific boards.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his girlfriend, the singer Ciara, recently announced plans to remain sexually abstinent until marriage. After all, sexual purity is a commitment that is historically expected of, associated with – even demanded of – women.

However, sexual abstinence is not something assumed of men, especially men like Russell Wilson.

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