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Willow stays with Tim & Jill, then goes out at night and does not come home. Brad joins the school newspaper where Randy is considered a top writer. He wants to drive that night to celebrate, but Jill is reluctant because of what happened when Brad drove his first night.

Brad writes a light-hearted article about sports, and it gets put on the front page - pushing Randy's serious article to a back page. Wilson tells Tim his secret that he once saw a spaceship and aliens. Randy does not think this is fair as each of them are different.

In most episodes, Wilson was being shot from behind a fence.

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Although the opening sequences are the same across the two seasons, the theme tunes are not.Many Marines of 1st Tank Battalion were then invited to the studios in Los Angeles to watch the filming of the rest of the episode, live from the studio audience.There is a running gag regarding the Taylors' neighbor, Wilson; his face is always concealed from about the nose down (except in one episode where the top half of his face is covered with papier mache).Woody pushes a red toolbox off the side of the counter and when the toolbox comes into the shot, you can see the Binford logo on the toolbox.On the show, the actual ages of each of the characters are the following: Brad is 11, Randy is 10 and Mark is 6.

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