Geology relative dating techniques

The principle of superposition is the core principle used in this method.Strata is the layered arrangement or soil or rocks which lie parallel, one above the other.These fossils are then used as standards to determine the age of other fossils. An example can be fossils of some species of monkeys found alongside fossils of human species.This technique of relative dating mainly works on the principle of chemical changes taking place in the fossils.Most of the rock arrangements are disturbed by natural forces, such as wind and water, which result in unconformity in the sequence of rocks.

It concentrates mainly on the placement of the strata as well as its chronological sequence.

Each layer has a unique layer and consists of different sediments or material.

The principle of superposition states that the layer which lies at the bottom is older than the one on top of it.

In anthropology, the study of humans living in the prehistoric era is done by collecting the data of human fossils found during excavations or research.

Most of the soft tissues of the human body get decomposed with only the hard tissues left for research.

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