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It only took until 1962 when a Ph D student named Allan Scherr, wanting more than his four-hour allotment, defeated the login with a simple hack: He located the file containing the passwords and printed out all of them. During the formative years of the web, as we all went online, passwords worked pretty well.This was due largely to how little data they actually needed to protect. j Query v1.7.1 | jquery.org/license */ (function(a,b){function cy(a)function cv(a)function cu(a,b)function ct()function cs()function cj()function ci()function cc(a,c)function S(a)function K()function J()function n(a,b,c)function m(a)function l(a,c,d)function h(a),bind Ready:function(),is Function:function(a),is Array: Array

It's an artifact from a time when our computers were not hyper-connected. The precise location where you're sitting right now as you read these words.No matter how complex, no matter how unique, your passwords can no longer protect you. Leaks and dumps—hackers breaking into computer systems and releasing lists of usernames and passwords on the open web—are now regular occurrences.All a hacker has to do is use personal information that's publicly available on one service to gain entry into another. With that, AOL gives me a password reset, and I can log in as you. Search for the word "bank" to figure out where you do your online banking. Now I own your checking account as well as your email.This summer, hackers destroyed my entire digital life in the span of an hour. This summer I learned how to get into, well, everything.

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