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I wanted to put my heart into my character and forge her destiny, but my attempts failed. If you aren't "in bed" with someone important, you will barely ever see any form of RP that is positive or consistent.Sorry that it was a thing that drove you out, its quickly becoming a thing that drives myself out as well.This game is perhaps the only game with an unofficial message board where people have aired their grievances without fear of being censored by the staff or shouted down by the game's sycophantic players who have built out-of-game connections with the staff.

I'm posting this here because I've exhausted every other attempt to talk to higher-level staff about the state of the game and this is probably the only way to get their attention at this point.

I will probably get fired from the staff body for this post, but at this point, I can't do anything else. Too many to talk about in a review, but that need to be experienced.

I particularly love the large world to use and explore, extended colors, and the gmote system that allows you to interact with characters and objects in the same mote.

Karma allows players to play more powerful roles, and to get it, you must essentially beg the staff for it, much like one must beg a boss for a raise.

The staff know how valuable karma is to its players and will dangle it over people's heads to get them to jump through hoops.

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