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I'll tell you a little story about the wife of my worker.

It remained only to rejoice that the company, where I was sent on an urgent business trip, was near the train station. When renting a room in an apartment, he occasionally came across a group of teenagers who played all sorts of silly games.

Behind the reflections of the windshield, I caught her bitch, slightly depraved look.

This person left the car gracefully, stepping on the wet concrete with her varnished shoes and making a sexy movement with her waist.

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I, of course, could not resist Moscow, and as soon as I saw Zay in Odnoklassniki online, I entered into a conversation. The fact is that our university half a year ago accepted a group from Germany and now, in response, we are flying to them.

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As a bolt from the blue came the final understanding: I am a sucker, schmuck and a loser! Behind the wheel of a young blonde with a beautiful fuck.

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Depravity in her eyes really was, but besides him I found excellence there. Another story about the heroine of the story "First Time" This holiday, we Oleg planned for a long time.

The sheer overt superiority is more than just over the world - above me, a timid, stooped creature in a gray jumpsuit. We went to Kaliningrad with him several times, visited several travel agencies ...

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