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It just doesnt make sense to me why a man should have a security lock on his phone to prevent his wife from having access to the content of the phone(he definitely has something to hide)Frankly,it's not right for a man to lock his phone(and if he has to for other reasons,his wife should know the unlock code)Mine doesnt lock his own phone, but if he is d type dt do,i will boldly ask 4 d unlocking code, if i have anything to do with d phone.

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Family / Husbands With Security Locks On Their Phones (30916 Views) How Many Ladies Can Act Like This Lady If They Catch Their Husbands Cheating?

/ Husbands With The "INVESTMENT" Slogan / Husbands With " Honey Have You Seen : " Syndrome (2) (3) (4) i just noticed most married men lock their phones with a security my hubby wrong not to use security locks?

Marriage is not just about TRUST but also about RESPECT!

Most couples believe that just because they are married, they have to be into every aspect of their spouses lives! If your husband locks his phone its a sign of respect to you.

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