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On 18th August 2017 Kgoshi Malesela Dikgale was re-elected as the Chairperson of the Limpopo House of Traditional Leaders.

The Zion Christian Church (or ZCC) is the largest African initiated church operating across Southern Africa.

The Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism has targeted the province as a preferred eco-tourism destination.

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It is named after the Limpopo River, (Lebepe River) which forms the province's western and northern borders.

Mining contributes to over a fifth of the provincial economy.

Limpopo has the largest platinum deposit in South Africa.

The Vha Tsonga make up 17.0% of the population while their neighbors the Vha Venda make up 16.7%.

The Pulana and Khilobedu languages are in an unwritten form and efforts have been made to resuscitate the languages.

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