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While I haven't engaged in too much discussion, there is a sense of freedom paired with relief when perusing statuses and engaging with users.Society likes to pretend that this world is somehow taboo or wrong, supported by stringent religious beliefs and lawmakers with their heads up their short ends.While that might hold some truth, they could just be finding intimacy and discussion online (though not on Tumblr anymore) rather than with their partner.Since this isn't a therapy session, let's just say that Pleaze Me offers the latter through a colorful and structured environment.Future features include allowing users to turn-off comments on their posts.

Did you know about all the privacy and security-related issues?

Additional upgrades to the app, including the ability to send money via the app in 2015, and the advent of voice and video chats, leveled the playing field between Facebook Messenger and rivals like Whats App and Viber.

With its multiple layers of functionality and access to third party apps for various add-ons, the Facebook Messenger app has grown into its own thing, separate from the ‘regular’ Facebook app. While all these advancements seem amazing, there is an unfortunate side effect – it increases the risk of identity theft. Therefore, you remain blissfully unaware of what it is that you agreed to when you downloaded this ‘free’ app.

Pleaze Me wants to build a place where not only is this open and free discussion paramount to improving our views toward sex and sexuality, but provide content to highlight travel destinations, events and give us a safe place to have the conversations about ourselves we might be hesitant to elsewhere.

Pleaz Me, as it should be, is accepting and inclusive of all variations of gender and/or sexuality.

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