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Hoping to resurrect the great state of Deseret, they would rewrite the laws that had been enacted during the session under the name of “Deseret.

When the railroads came in and brought new, non-Mormon settlers, the thought of creating a Mormon-based state was abandoned.

Can you guess what region of the country Nickajack was considered for statehood?

Well, don’t think about it too hard because the name won’t give it away, at least not in English.

Native Americans sought statehood out of a desire to have a state that represented their interests. forcibly relocated Native Americans as part of the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

They proposed the state of Sequoyah in 1905, which would be based out of Indian Territory (which is now eastern Oklahoma). The Sequoyah state would include counties for every major tribe, and it would allow for the Native Americans to maintain their tribal government system to proceed without federal interference.

They attempted to secede legally instead of just declaring themselves as a new state, a la Scott.

The name comes from Cherokee language since the area was originally home to several Cherokee tribes.

President Theodore Roosevelt decided instead to merge Sequoyah with Oklahoma territory, which was also being proposed for statehood. Like Jefferson State, the State of Lincoln has gone through several iterations.

Lincoln was first proposed in Texas since it was allowed to be split into four states upon entry into the United States.

The fourth region where Jefferson was proposed, and where proponents are still advocating for it, is in the northwest, with support from counties from northern California and southern Oregon. Delmarva is a small peninsula just off the east coast of Maryland.

In 1941 supporters came out in full force, passing out flyers and marching with guns. That is, until 2018 when the Jefferson Declaration of Independence was released online. It’s split between the three states that comprise its name: Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.

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