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(born November 20, 1975), known professionally as Davey Havok, is the lead vocalist of the American rock band AFI, the electronic music band Blaqk Audio, hardcore band XTRMST, and new wave band Dreamcar.Havok is an outspoken advocate of the straight edge lifestyle and veganism.This DVD was released as a CD-version in November 2007.AFI's ninth studio album, Burials, was released on October 22, 2013.In late 2016, AFI released a series of teaser videos featuring song clips and backwards audio, eventually revealed to be promotion for the band's tenth album, AFI (The Blood Album), which was released on January 20, 2017 via Concord Music Group.

There, he began writing lyrics which would later appear on Answer That and Stay Fashionable and Very Proud of Ya.

In 2003, the band's first major label release, Sing the Sorrow, was released, attaining great record sales.

On June 6, 2006, Decemberunderground was released on Interscope Records. Along with this concert series, AFI's first DVD, I Heard a Voice – Live from Long Beach Arena was released on December 12, 2006, containing the live concert from Long Beach Arena from September 15, 2006.

In 2000, they released The Art of Drowning to fair record sales.

The group had toured with another band, Samhain, on their reunion tour.

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