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“It’s terrific and Bradley is excellent in it,” De Niro raved. I hope it gets the attention I feel it should when it opens. Both actors play country musicians whose romance complicates the highs and lows of their careers.Cooper said he decided to make “A Star Is Born” his directorial debut because the material called for it.The prep beyond that, it’s really a similar juggling act where the Duffers, because they always understandably want to direct the kick-off episodes, they have to juggle their limited time between writing and re-writing and prepping as directors, all at the same time.” As for who else might be stepping behind the camera for Season 3, Levy says not to expect a ton of surprises on the list, especially considering the limited episode count, which he confirms will drop back down to an eight-episode run after their ten-episode second season.“It’s not a huge surprise,” Levy said, “there’s eight episodes, so there’s a very limited number of slots available.” “No, you know what?

Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! “There was a reason why [De Niro] wanted to tell ‘A Bronx Tale,’ why he wanted to direct it and nobody else,” Cooper said. I realized I had to do it, whether it fails or not.“I’ve never thought I should be directing the movies I’ve starred in, but I always realized I was a bit different than other actors because I was so obsessed with the storytelling.” “The broken love story in ‘A Star Is Born’ kept haunting me,” he continued. I knew I had to try and I wound up absolutely loving it. The best way to express love is through singing and music.(Oh, and we're not talking about the rather underwhelming second series right now, maybe come back another time for that one).The show's first eliminee Korben, whose real name is Chris Niblett, now seems to be going by the hybrid Korben Niblett.

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