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If you must, get an extra job, work hard to work your way to the top, and try to make a girl feel like she is someone special to be with someone special like you.

Something similar to “the total package,” your sexual market value or SMV is a calculation of your sexual worth to a sexual partner. Your sexual market value isn’t determined merely by how attractive you are, although that is a component.

Experimenting with pleasing women makes her think that you know what you are doing and also makes her feel good.

The more giving you are in the bedroom, the more highly you will be valued on the market. To increase your sexual market value, try to read about what women like in bed.

If you were given the gift of looking like Adonis, then your looks catapult you to the top.

If, however, you aren’t the best looker in the bunch, fear not, that isn’t all that women are after when looking for a man. Not everyone is made to be a muscle head, nor does every girl want one.

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