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Additionally, various ethnic and tribal groups of the central, mountainous north, and eastern regions follow a variety of other practices.These variations have been extensively described and analyzed by anthropologists, especially Irawati Karve, David G. Broadly, in the Indo-Aryan-speaking north, a family seeks marriage alliances with people to whom it is not already linked by ties of blood.A bride moves to her in-laws' home--the home of her grandmother or aunt--and is often comfortable among these familiar faces.

In the late twentieth century, the age of marriage is rising in villages, almost to the levels that obtain in cities.

For example, in Madhya Pradesh, village exogamy is preferred, but marriages within a village are not uncommon.

Marriages between caste-fellows in neighboring villages are frequent.

Some parents begin marriage arrangements on the birth of a child, but most wait until later.

In the past, the age of marriage was quite young, and in a few small groups, especially in Rajasthan, children under the age of five are still united in marriage.

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