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Since then I have been stuck in entry level IT jobs.

My colleagues are all younger than me The pay I can get is only enough to just get by and I haven't even started to pay back the USD 75.000 student debt (a lot by Danish standards) I managed to rake up and I don't know how I'll ever get out of it. I could have done so much more with my life and I am really ashamed about myself.

He wanted to see me even though he was so angry with me and then would have a hard time explaining why he was angry (it seemed that once he would start to air it in front of me it sounded ridiculous even to him).

It has become clear that he doesn't trust me and thinks I am manipulative.

Jobs and careers are an important part of peoples' identities but I don't feel like I have a secure professional identity. People around my who are my age or younger are buying houses, going to nice restaurants and traveling the world.

He has no evidence that I am manipulative (but he believes I am bc he feels I am).

He also became a little paranoid and started stressing out about all the ways I was going to try to hurt him in retaliation.

The fear of abandonment, of rejection, of not being wanted is too much to handle, so I believe this plays a big role in our DB. What would a partner need to do or say to make you feel more comfortable with intimacy?

If you have or ever had similar feelings, how was that for you? Basically, what for you as avoidants would be the ideal conditions to want intimacy/sex, what would make you feel safe enough to engage in emotionally connected intimacy and sex with the person you love? A community that its main concern is mental wellbeing for GSRM (Gender, Sexual, and Romantic Minority) folk, whether they struggle with mental health issues or not., Also non members of LGBTQ (friends,family members, significant others,therapists...etc) who are concerned about mental health of their loved ones or mental wellbeing of LGBTQ in general are welcomed. Place for people to discuss Avoidant personality disorder.

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