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In a video filmed during the first day of filming season six, Danai was having a quick chat with Michael Cudlitz when Norman pops up and seriously plants one on her.We can’t tell if we’re more jealous of Danai or Norman but we may or may not be shipping some Daryl and Michone action in season six now.

Norman Reedus was spotted with a mystery blonde date in NYC.When you’ve got the rugged bad ass looks of The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon, we assume you probably wouldn’t have too many confidence issues with your kissing skills, and in the case of Norman Reedus, we coudn’t be more right.Turns out, he has went ahead and kissed not one, not two, but SIX of his co-stars, and those are just the ones caught on camera!Ryan Seacrest said, “Now, Laurie, you know you’ve made it when the blogs are writing about you dating a co-star.” Laurie Holden responded, “Yeah, I mean, you know, I think that Norman kinds of fuels that fire, because he like loves to come up and kiss me on red carpets.”Laurie Holden continued, “And then of course, I get the backlash of that, because all of his teenage fans, who love him, come after me, and they’re like ‘Back off, that’s my man.’”Ryan Seacrest interrupted, “He’s the one making you the victim here.” But Laurie Holden disagreed, “No, I think, we love each other.No, for real; just TRY googling “Andrew Licoln Norman Reedus” without seeing some serious PDA.

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