Dating regular people

: That was a real credit to Netflix for trusting us. Most people can’t go on five dates in five nights and still handle the regularities of their everyday life.A lot of other outlets wouldn’t have had that same trust and wouldn’t have taken that risk. Within that week, they told their friends and family and their employers that their first priority was this show, and they went on their dates and met all the strangers.One of the things that helped us to find people is that Netflix had carved out a brand already that was non-exploitative — a little smarter, a little cooler, a little more sophisticated.We had casting people go out on the streets of New York, we had posted fliers, and people were more interested in the notion of doing a Netflix show.We didn’t want to present a cast you’d see on every other reality dating show out there.We wanted to offer up a diversity of the characters — different backgrounds, different ethnicities, gay, straight, a whole range of different people.That allowed us to show the distinct differences between how people date, but also the universalities, too. I decided to leave three years ago, and I decided to never do another dating show.

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Or people who don’t see faces like their own on TV.

The way we approached the music wasn’t the traditional reality-show cues.

The post-production things were obviously done distinctly different from other shows.

That was the thing that surprised me the most, the number of people who were like, “I never thought I’d be approached to be on a dating show.

I’m a gay guy.” Or, “I’m a lesbian.” The lesbians were even more stressed than the gay guys were.

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