Dating games pool party

Line the players up on the pool deck with their backs to the water.Throw the bottle into to water and when the players hear the splash they turn around and try to find it.You want more than one so you can play this game more than one time.

Make sure parents know you are having a “Water Play Day,” as bathing suits need to be worn for most of these games. The last one left becomes the next “It.”Materials: The team that has all members complete the tasks first is the winner.

Have the teams face each other a good distance apart. ” the teams try to hit members of the opposing team with water balloons. When all the water balloons are gone, the team with the most players remaining wins.

Always be careful and sensible when playing in or near water.

The tossing games that we have shared can all be played as team games.

You will need filled water balloons that have holes poked in them with a safety pin.

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