Dating fender bassman 10

Now, that said, if you DO want to learn circuits and amp modding you're in the exact right place. As in, don't spend your money until you try it and like it.

Those were 50 Watt amps which is still pretty loud but the circuits in those models was (or could be more easily modded to) the ones that give the sweet guitar sound you said you want.

As the topic states I'd very much like to find out what year is was made and if possible what kind of schematic it may have.

From what I've seen from just lurking around a lot of those bassman posts there seems to be a lot of modifications possible to these oldies.

Anything else is at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Click here for more Manufacturer Codes Speaker Implementation and Amplifier Configurations If you would like to add some info to this list, (any company, any model) feel free to write us with the info.

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