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There are two types of Halloween lovers: Those who like culturally-relevant costumes and serving precious ghost cupcakes, and those who live to freak their friends the hell out in the most disgusting way possible. Your current fave on the cocktail list is a drink of something strong with bitters; you don't know what bitters are, but damn if that booze isn't delicious. From stir fry to smoothies, ginger is a reliably sharp and refreshing flavor that adds zing to everything it touches.

It may be a pain in the ass to remove the skin from ginger (or not), but the zest it brings to food is well worth the trouble.

No one has the time or the money for that—especially when you're hosting and you've got a bevy of other dishes to prepare.

Avocados aren't just having a moment—they're having an extended stay in the spotlight. Then, I'd set a pint of blueberries in my cart and carry on, forgetting about them for the time being.

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With folks drawing lines in the sand before the upcoming election this November, it's important to know where you stand on some of the most important issues: the economy, foreign affairs, domestic affairs, and apples—caramel or candy apples, that is. So you head to your local watering hole for some tasty, tasty liquor.

Pumpkin pie is a symbol of autumn, and it's the traditional dessert to whip up for your fam when Thanksgiving Day arrives.

But year after year of the same old thing can be a total bore if you're not a strict traditionalist.

(Note: This will not actually hydrate anyone, just so we're clear. ) Fish are delicate, flaky, and can be damn tricky to cook; more often than not, you end up with a hard, dry block of flesh that makes your taste buds sad.

And the best ways to cook fish that you know of—c'mon, who doesn't love a fried fish—take way too much effort for you to bother with on a weeknight.

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    As I click, message and swipe through the world of online dating, I’ve quickly learned that there are at least three different types of guys: those who fetishize trans women, those who are curious but cautious, and those who simply don’t read.