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If you know that you're one of those people who has a hard time making eye contact, tell your date.

It's better for them to know it's difficult for you instead of them thinking you're just uninterested and rude.

But while you’re there to make a great first impression, you’re also there to be honest about yourself and what you’re looking for.

You don't want to be fake your behavior or manner in any way, because really, what's in it for you if you do?

While it's always a good idea to keep some things to yourself on a first date — especially in regards to your romantic past, but we'll get to that in a minute — when it comes to things that could possibly create problems while you're dating, you want to put that out there.

Your eyes can really let the person know you're interested or, as the case may be, bored as hell.In our opinion, true first date etiquette is all about putting your needs first in a way that has consideration and respect for the person sitting across from you.Although old-fashioned first date etiquette will tell you to spruce up, be polite, and cross your legs, there’s so much more than that archaic nonsense.You can't really get to know someone if you can't be open-minded enough to give them a shot.It may be your initial reaction to shut them down when they say like country music or that Obama is ruining the country, but give them a chance to talk about it.

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