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She first appears on the Rose Ellen Dix channel in "Baffle Laffle Taffle Breakup" posted on 18 December 2011.Their first posted collaboration video was uploaded on 15 January 2012 to the Rose Ellen Dix channel.Vlogs of their scavenger hunt and interviews were later posted on Rose Ellen Dix.The couple are very vocal when it comes to expressing their love for former Fifth Harmony group-member Camila Cabello.including a Christmas special in 2016 with Ben Cook, Jim Chapman, and hosts Dan and Phil. In May 2016, Rose and Rosie featured in episode 2 of Russel Kane's Stupid Man, Smart Phone on BBC Three.The episode saw them try to survive in Arctic Norway and was filmed in November 2015.Rose and Rosie participate in Vlogmas every year, posting daily vlogs of the festivities leading up to their Christmas celebration.Let’s Play Games is Rose and Rosie’s third channel devoted to playing video games, including “Until Dawn”, “GTA 5”, “FIFA” and “The Sims 4”.

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In August 2016, they both made the After Ellen Hot 100 list with Rosie at number 23 and Rose at 18.

In June 2016, Dix and Spaughton were selected by Sony Pictures as two of 15 influencers in social media to promote Sony's then upcoming movies Inferno and Ghostbusters during a public relations blitz in Singapore.

The pair participated in a scavenger hunt, and met Tom Hanks and Ron Howard as well as interviewed Melissa Mc Carthy and Paul Feig.

They also hit 100 million views on their main channel that month.

The Rose and Rosie channel contains content in the style of “couch comedy” as well as challenges, tags, guides, gaming videos, and collaborations with other You Tubers, such as Hannah Witton, Hannah Hart, The Rose and Rosie Vlogs channel contains vlogs and various series, such as annual VLOGMAS videos, #Real Talk, and the BISEXY SERIES.

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