Dating divas roadtrip

This is also cool because it teaches kids about geography, land navigation, patience, attention to detail and will keep them busy. I recommend taking a trekking pole for the kids to poke into holes before reaching their hands into.I also suggest having tiny trinkets to put into the geocaching containers.Since kids today are so absorbed in ‘everything digital’; whether it’s movies, social media, or video games, trying to get them to unplug for an overnight or weekend can be downright daunting.What if I tnew you that these will get your families excited about packing up the RV, locking the door behind you and moseying on down the road to a weekend or vacation of camping?When other kids see them, they’ll be envious of the cool camping experiences and quite possibly, will want to go camping with your family next time.This is another one of those camping activities that the littles can team up with the big guys.

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Recently, I blogged Getting Trashed: The Dirty Truth About our National Parks and Sites.

It’s important that they be accompanied by an adult.

You surely don’t want them bringing back poison ivy or toxic flowers.

Don’t forget a pen so players can sign the logbook so they can prove they found it.

Remember, when caching, ‘take something, leave something’ to continue the fun for other geocachers.

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