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While they’re not Slavic, they have a demeanor that can be compared as say, Slavic-light.

Hungary is a relatively big country with lots of small towns and cities.

It can give off a Gothic vampiric backdrop with all the baroque ornamentation and dark pointy looking buildings.

There seems to be a perpetual gloom clouding this country.

But don’t worry – Hungarians, while strange and introverted are actually very nice people.

Despite the media ramblings of xenophobia, a little respect goes a long way and you’ll find Hungarians quite hospitable.

And while I don’t advocate this, pay for play is very legal and very big in Budapest.

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It’s not a bad country by any means; it just feels like its own little universe in a way.Budapest is the largest and most foreigner-friendly in terms of getting around and English levels.Forgetting game for a second, the city itself is stunning. While Prague seems to be going full-on Western-oriented, Budapest seems to have more of a unique atmosphere.This epicenter of Europe from where the Austro-Hungarian Empire came and went is home to some of the prettiest and most enigmatic girls in Europe.What initially struck me the most about Hungary is just how awe-inspiring the architecture and general atmosphere feels.

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