Dating concert pianist

When you go back to "normal" playing again, you will notice that your weaker hand has improved significantly.(Well, we assume that you can play fairly good HS before you start this exercise, so that you don't confuse your learning.) At least this worked for me, but I have the reverse problem, as most people have, that the left hand is not as good as the right one.

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Right now my main problems are getting the melody to show (I'm a lefty so the harmony is always overpowering since that's my stronger hand, and sometimes the lower notes in a chord will drown out the top note, which is sometimes supposed to be the melody).In two handed scales you can vary the sound between both hands and in the Bach you need to.But even in popular pieces and I also find in the new age genre of music there are many written where left and right hands share melody.Maybe you don't want to work that much that is required.Concert pianist - well, you can work as a pianist in many ways.

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