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When it comes to building a log cabin, the tools you select are as important as the construction techniques you chose for your log home.

Primarily, we use them for hewing logs once they have been felled. Hewing is the process of straightening a round edge of a log, once the bark has been removed. Standing next to, or on-top of, a log, swing the adze between your log hewing the log.

Whilst an adze can be used as a substitute for a drawknife to peel and debark logs, it’s best use is for hewing. Shop For A Peavey Now An alternative to a peavey can be either a cant hook or a heavy duty flat pry bar.

From log cleats and log dogs to a peavey and cant hook; there are hundreds of hand tools you can use to build a log cabin. an Adze) and some will be general purpose carpentry tools (e.g. Yes, you can build a log cabin without a few of these log building tools, however, this post will share the 7 most important log cabin tools that you won’t be able to go without.

Purchasing good quality tools will be a great investment, you will be able to re-use them for future builds and the maintenance of your log cabin.

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