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These are chancy encounters, likely to fail more often than they succeed; but they are, nevertheless, important. There was a student I knew casually at college who was always smiling.

He was a bright and friendly guy who seemed to feel comfortable with everyone at Princeton, in a way that I did not, coming from a parochial background in New York City.

They are sometimes described as “high maintenance” friends because they are so difficult to reassure. Or confronting the possibility of abandonment once in a relationship.3. Attempting to join a club of some sort or some other social grouping such as a fraternity.5. There was very little I could say to console him; and it took a year for him to get up enough courage to return again to a singles bar.

But in certain circumstances a possible rejection is usually an active concern for everyone:1. Applying to a college or to a somewhat selective vocation, such as the Navy.6. Pretty much everyone, no matter how self-confident, feels distressed when rejected in any of these settings. I remember a shy man who approached a woman in a bar and said something that happened to be true, but which seemed fake to the woman. Perhaps everyone is alive to the possibility of rejection when approaching someone of the opposite sex.

I never quite understood why he got started on these drugs in the first place.

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Some writers spread themselves in all directions to withstand these upsets.

I always discourage patients from taking these drugs every day as many do, not infrequently for years at a time; but except for undermining that person’s self-confidence, they do not represent a danger in small doses.

So, I agreed to write the prescription and saw him at monthly intervals.

Rejection is so common, we do not usually stop to consider it as such.

Only if someone is especially sensitive does a person think in terms of rejection if, for example, a friend chooses not to accompany him/her to the movies, or puts off texting back for a few hours, or chooses to walk to school alone, or forgets to extend an invitation to dinner until the last minute.

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