College dating scene

He’s a random guy that cold kill you…and once you’re alone with him, there’s no sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, hallmates, or campus police to help you out. And if you don’t go back to his place for “a drink,” what What does it look like and how do you do it when all you know is what you learned in college, and what you learned in college was late night booty calls followed by walks of shame?

Catch a Jayhawk’s game at the University of Kansas, tour one of the area farms or knock a few back at Bird Dog Bar.

I'm undeclared right now, but I'm leaning towards a psychology & public policy double major, and a certificate in journalism.

My dream is to become a broadcast journalist, and maybe someday become a sort of "Asian Oprah.".

Red solo cups litter the floors and tables, filled with either Busch Light or some untrustworthy concoction made by the bartender.

So called “bartender” is actually some frat boy wearing a beer helmet and a sign around his neck that says “007.” There are two guys holding a kid by his ankles in his attempt to do a kegstand, and there’s a few couples dancing in the living room to the latest radio hit (by couples I mean complete randos, and by radio hit I mean Justin Bieber).

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