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It can be exhausting to read through someone's profile and develop a crush on them, only to discover in their match questions that they think women who've slept with a lot of men are "sluts." Yuck.

OK, Catfish may be a popular TV show, but most people don't think this could ever actually happen to them IRL.

I'm not suggesting everyone on Tinder is intentionally deceptive; it's just an unfortunate reality that online dating often attracts hordes of people who want a quick lay, and will lie about their intentions to get it.

Even if someone genuinely does want a relationship, he or she could easily get distracted by the multiple people knocking at their metaphorical door. Disclaimer: I am not saying that all men on dating apps are sexist, or that women can't also exhibit their fair share of sexism.

Sure, it's a convenient way to meet people you might normally not, but it's also a huge time-suck, especially if you use sites like Ok Cupid and Match, where you have to make and maintain a lengthy profile.

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Someone could say they're looking for something serious, but there's really no way to know for sure, and sometimes emotions might already be involved before you find out (too late) that they thought of you as a hookup buddy rather than a real significant other.If you hit it off with someone immediately, it can be easy to get over-excited about your romantic future, which can lead to feelings developing at an abnormal pace.Though this isn't true for everyone, I know that I've been an inappropriate level of 'heartbroken' after things ended with someone I'd really only known for a few weeks, strictly because of the accelerated nature of the relationship.The year is 2015, so our collective attachment to our phones is nothing we should be ashamed of at all.Whether we hate it or embrace it, technology has changed how we do just about everything, including dating.

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    At the end of the day, I have friends who've had good matches on CMB, but it isn't my favorite app.

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    A low key, sophisticated approach to dating in Houston.

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