Britney impersonator dating in the dark

'Kitty begged me to tell her where it was so she could come along.It was a bit weird because she wasn’t my friend.'Lorna claims that from then on Kitty started stealing her work as a Britney impersonator and became too involved in her personal and professional life. in 2009 where she met the Johnny Depp lookalike, and although she thought she'd finally seen the back of Kitty, it seemed Kitty hadn't forgotten Lorna.By Kirsty Mccormack Britney rivals: Kitty Brucknell, left, has been accused by Lorna Bliss, right, of trying to steal her friends and her work She may come across as eccentric and unique on the X Factor but it seems that Kitty Brucknell may not be so original after all.The former reality show hopeful has been accused of stealing somebody else's life - down to every last detail.Accused: X Factor hopeful Kitty is alleged to have stolen work from rival Lorna and campaigned against her But Lorna claims Kitty was less friendly on that occasion and reportedly burst into tears, telling her rival to leave, and claiming she was more in need of the work.

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They first met in 2007 after which Kitty suggested via the social networking site, My Space, that they become friends.

Lorna told the Daily Star that she thought the request strange and ignored it, but their paths soon crossed again whilst filming a pilot show for Simon Cowell’s TV firm about Britney lookalikes.

In the end neither of them got past the audition stage.

However, Kitty didn't leave it there and continued contacting her rival, according to Lorna.'I was busy preparing for a Britney gig,' said Lorna.

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