Bob harper dating jillian

“I like being able to eat a sandwich and not feel like I’ve committed a cardinal sin! “I think the biggest thing people are going to learn from my book is I want to press the reset button,” explains Harper.

“I used to be very regimented—I knew how I was going to work out on Monday, I knew what I was going to do every day following.

“I didn’t see doctors very much and I would kind of get nervous when I’d go to the doctor,” he says. I’m working with a team of doctors that have become a part of my life that are guiding me through this new journey.” Something else that is also “completely new” for him is taking medication.

“One of the things that was a really big wake-up call for me after I had a heart attack was when my doctors told me I’d be more likely to have another heart attack within the first year,” states Harper.

And when my doctors took that away from me after my heart attack, I didn’t know what to do with myself.”Yet he discovered that “the universe had a way of self-adjusting” his perspective on life.

“I understand now that I’m more than just the fitness guy—I’m more than that,” he continues.

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