Blue screen while updating ati drivers internetdatingtv net

To fix this issue you will need a good registry cleaner.

Even though it is known by most people as the blue screen of death, then technical term for it is a stop error, because it causes your operating to stop completely at a moment's notice.

A STOP error, also known as a Blue Screen of Death or BSo D, occurs when the operating system is the victim of a serious error and must shut down immediately.

This type of error is often the most troublesome because once it happens there is nothing you can do but let the computer restart.

Some people refer to this event as a "crash." Most people go on about their business once the computer restarts only to be plagued with the problem repeatedly thereafter.

For those of us that would like to take a proactive approach and fix the problem to prevent it from occurring again, it is relieving to know that each stop error is accompanied by a certain code.

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