Blind chat

The term is taken from blind drop shipping, which is a technique used to conceal the identity of a package sender.

Explains Honda, “The rationale is if it’s 10 people using Blind, it’s hard [to ensure that those employees are] anonymous.” At the opposite end of the spectrum, “If it’s 500 employees, the hurdle of opening a chat room is more difficult.” The company may lower the number – slightly – as it seeks to attract U. Blind says employees of nearly 800 companies are now actively using the platform, including Microsoft and Amazon.

It is very hard to detect where data is coming from or where it is going, even if the location is discovered.

Almost any type of data can be deposited at a blind drop.

(The site is still ongoing, having acquired new owners along the way.) Blind takes much greater pains to distinguish itself from the likes of Secret and other mobile anonymity apps.

DCM has backed the anonymous social app Yik Yak, and Honda says DCM is advising Blind based on lessons learned through that earlier investment, particularly when it comes to balancing the quality of interactions without “going too far in policing it,” says Honda.

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