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The benchmark numbers have been posted for those interested with results from An Tu Tu and 3D Mark.

The bar has been raised tremendously over the past few years when it comes to smartphone cameras.

When you grip the rear, it doesn't feel sticky like a cheap TPU case, but still offers a good amount of cling, which is quite welcome.

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If anything, it would be nice to see Android Oreo make an appearance in a timely manner but, like other manufacturers, this will most likely take quite a bit of time.In December of 2016, the firm sold the rights to its name to TCL, ushering in a new era for the company.So far, TCL has done some good, delivering the KEYone during last year's Mobile World Congress.From an interface standpoint, it feels like a stock experience with Black Berry sprinkling in little things here and there to provide enhanced options when it comes to security and convenience.The Productivity Tab, Privacy Shade, Password Keeper, and Black Berry Keyboard are just some of the additions, with each giving the user new tools that aren't available in the standard Android interface.

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