Bind9 not updating zone serial

The receiving slave controls which port number and which addresses it will accept NOTIFY messages from using the allow-notify statement or the masters statement.By default BIND9 will send NOTIFY messages to all the target names (right-hand names) that appear in NS RRs for the zone (this behaviour can be modified by the notify statement.

Until the issue is resolved, the server firewall has been disabled. ARPA Mar 28 hcsvrxx named[5687]: automatic empty zone: A.

This statement may be used in a zone, view or an options clause.

allow-update-forwarding defines a match list, for instance, IP address(es) that are allowed to submit dynamic updates to a 'slave' sever for onward transmission to a 'master'.

Many people like to be cautious in case the default mode changes.

// fragment // key clause is shown only for illustration and would // normally be included in the file key "update-key" ; .... zone "" in; zone "" in; In the zone, the reference to the key clause "update-key" implies that the application that performs the update, say nsupdate, is using TSIG and must also have the same shared secret with the same key-name.

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