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The Details View control allows you to insert, edit and delete records.

Building the Sample Description Initially, I have loaded data from a database to details view, each record is displayed in the details view of each page.

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Data source components offer an alternative to the classic ASP.

NET binding model based on a programmatic and explicit binding between enumerable data and the Data Source property of data-bound controls. NET 2.0, all data-bound controls support data source components for fetching, but only a few of them are designed to use data source components for other operations such as insertion, deletion, and update.

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When I click the "Update" buttom (that is, the button to commit the changes - the one that should trigger the "Update" event), all it does on postback is the Page_Load event (which is empty). Please review the following specific error details and modify your source code appropriately. This answer you could have easily found in the link I provided on the Item Command event. The Item Command event will only fire when a button inside a List View is clicked.

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In this example snippet, i am going to show how to get values from a Form View Control and also assign new values to a field.

I have a way to go before I can comfortably understand those MSDN articles. Switch to the design view, select a control that you want to generate an event for.

Go to the Properties window, near the top you will see a little lightning bolt icon. What you are seeing is a list of all the events for that control.

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