Ask dating question woman

If a guy knows that you used to go out with an NBA player, they wouldn’t even bother consider asking you this.

If, however, they have no idea what the anatomy of your past boyfriends look like, they will wonder if theirs is the biggest you’ve ever seen.

Some of these questions can be asked without any qualms if the guy is in a serious relationship. When something confounds them, they will want to know the answer.

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There are ways of having period sex that aren’t as messy, such as shower sex.#2 Are you open to anal sex, a threesome or a little bit of bondage?No matter how kinky the activity is, it’s not surprising that any one of these topics will run through a guy’s mind at some point.Even if a woman is not sending out signals that they’re willing to sleep with a man immediately, a man will still wonder if asking you might yield a different answer.They won’t do it if they respect the woman, but oh boy, do they want to know.

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